MOYU Jujube Date Banana Walnut | Konjac Cake - 3 Packs

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Konjac Cake 魔芋蒟蒻蛋糕 |紅棗香蕉核桃

THE DALI, the name comes from DALI, a city located in Yunnan Province, China. Which is the biggest walnut region the in world.

High in Protein
Good Source of Fiber
Sweetened by Jujube, Date and Banana

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    Size: Regular Loaf Set 200g (3 servings)
    Quantity: Set of 3

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    Product Facts

    Konjac Jujube Banana Protein Cake 红枣香蕉核桃 - 魔芋蒟蒻蛋糕

    THE DALI, the name comes from DALI, a city located in Yunnan Province, China. Which is the biggest walnut region the in world.

    Pasture-Raised Eggs*
    High in Protein
    Gluten Free
    No Added Sugar
    Good Source of Fiber
    Dairy Free
    Made without Grains
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    Pasture-Raised Egg, Egg White*, Dried Jujube*, Banana*, Water, Pea Protein Isolate*, Walnut*, Banana Powder*, Medjool Date*, Konjac Glucomannan Powder*, Lemon Juice*, Pumpkin Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Madagascar Pure Vanilla Powder*, Baking Soda, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Avocado Oil*. 

    *Organic | Allergens: Egg, Walnut, Sesame

    Nutrition Fact
    Care and Storage

    Store in the refrigerator upon arrival; enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later consumption.

    Banana Bread Just Got an Upgrade

    A more nutritious, lighter take on your favorite quick bread, this loaf features organic jujube dates, another TCM superfood grown in California for sweetness.

    High in Protein

    Gluten Free

    No Added Sugar

    Good Source of Fiber

    Dairy Free

    ½ Calories

    Thoughtful Fats

    Contains balanced amounts of nourishing fats from egg yolks, nuts, and seeds.

    Sweetened by Fruits

    This flavor is sweetened by jujube, date and banana only.

    10g Protein

    67g of this flavor contains approximately 10g of protein, from eggs and plants.

    Inside of the Cake

    Pasture-Raised Eggs*

    The main ingredient - from the well known certified pasture raised farms.

    Konjac Fiber 魔芋|蒟蒻

    The king ingredient, soluble dietary fiber helps with both texture and nutrition.

    Super Foods & Fruits

    The key ingredients for flavorful delights and nutritional goodness.

    What is Jujube 紅棗

    From an organic family farm in Mojave desert, California

    Jujube is a sweet, fleshy berry-like fruit that has origins in China dating back more than 4000 years. Slightly different from palm dates, Jujube has a lovely spongy and fluffy texture almost similar to a natural marshmallow. It’s a unique fruit with its own distinct flavors and works beautifully in various desserts and cooking across different cultures.

    The natural sweetness and softness of jujubes pair wonderfully with the crunchy walnuts and seeds in the MOYU Cakes, creating an incredible flavor and texture fueling the body and mind.

    Learn more about our partner farms here.


    This popular fruit makes a perfect workout snack


    Crunchy nuts that goes well with baked goods


    Crisp seeds boasting a delectable taste and texture.

    Madagascar Vanilla

    Strongly aromatic beans with warm, floral notes

    Pea Protein 

    Thoughtfully sourced plant based protein

    This Flavor Features

    Pasture-Raised Eggs*

    Pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens that can spend their days outdoors roaming the pastures as they please. Our pasture-raised girls have access to a minimum of 108 square feet each, unlike cage-free birds that have far less freedom.

    On average, cage-free birds get a maximum of 1.2 square foot of space per bird and may rarely, if ever, see the sunlight. Our eggs are from hens that have access to fresh air and sunshine year-round.  

    High in Protein

    Also known as “Excellent Source of Protein” or “Rich in Protein”, FDA guidelines for a "high protein" claim, which must have at least 20% of the Daily Value (DV) for protein per serving.

    80g of MOYU ready-to-eat (RTE) has 10-15g (>20%DV) grams of protein. As you can see on our nutrition label, the top ingredients of our RTE cakes are eggs, plant proteins and yogurt (our RTE cakes protein PDCAAS score is above 0.94).

    Gluten Free

    Containing less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

    No Added Sugar

    We are committed to 0 ADDED SUGAR for all of our products. All our sweeteners are carefully-crafted from plants selected for their specific flavors, textures, and nutrition, they are jujube, date, banana, apple, goji berry, monk fruit, allulose, stevia.

    Good Source of Fiber

    Our RTE cakes provide a good amount of dietary fiber, as having at least 10% of the DV for fiber per serving.

    Dairy Free

    This flavor does not contain any ingredients derived from milk or dairy products. It is suitable for individuals who are lactose sensitive or want to avoid dairy.

    ~½ Calories

    Our products are formulated to have around half the calories of traditional alternatives per serving, achieved by increasing nutrient-dense calories from quality proteins and superfoods, while eliminating empty calories from white flours and sugar.

    Made without Grains

    Current MOYU products are made without grains.

    Powered by Superfoods

    Our products feature superfoods such as reishi mushroom, cacao, jujube, goji, nuts & seeds, and other nutrient-rich ingredients that provide an extra boost of nutrients.

    Compare the dietary attributes across our flavors and products