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Our Values & Accomplishments

Flourless Cooking is Possible

Our pioneering technique transforms Konjac fiber, into a versatile alternative to traditional flours, redefining the boundaries of flavor, texture, and nutrition in baked goods and breakfasts.

Personalized Experience

Our versatile cooking mix and easy-to-follow recipes empower individuals with unique dietary restrictions and flavor preferences to create your cake, your way.

Enhanced Gluten-Free Indulgence

Fluffy texture plus balanced nutrition and avoiding the dense and oily characteristics commonly found in gluten-free products.

Protein-Fiber Nutritious

We prioritize high-quality protein options with good or low net carbs, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet that supports your body's needs for optimal wellness.

For You, For Yunnan For Farmers, For the Planet

At MOYU, we believe when people are connected to their fullest potential, they have the power to transform not only themselves, but the world. 

MOYU™, more you.

MOYU team has scoured the globe to find the best premium, plant-powered ingredients. Our star ingredient Konjac is birthed in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, Yunnan, located at the southwest border of China, this province forms connections with Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Tibet, Sichuan, and Guangxi, creating a vibrant cultural crossroads.

Yunnan is home to 26 ethnicities and features a stunning range of climates, from tropical lowlands to rugged mountain peaks. This captivating tapestry of cultures, culinary traditions, and ecosystems mirrors the unique elements we pour into our products.

We are committed to driving positive impact in this biodiverse region. By directly importing konjac from Yunnan, we aim to support agriculture and uplift the community in this remarkable region.

Our Sourcing

We source the best premium ingredients, from Konjac to nutritious superfoods and pasture-raised eggs

Jujube Fruit

Our top quality Jujubes are from a Korean family farm JUJUME® located in California’s Southern Mojave Desert, USDA organic.


M2 Ingredients, a leading producer of organic, whole food mushroom powders with the full spectrum of bioactive compounds, grown indoor.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

We source pasture-raised eggs from leading brands, which are laid by hens have access to a minimum of 108 square feet each outdoors.


LAFAZA® provides the highest quality vanilla, by working directly with smallholder farms who use organic & sustainable agricultural practices.


Burlap and Barrel works directly with farmers around the world to bring unique beautiful spices to professional chefs and home cooks.

Konjac Fiber

We source Konjac from Yunnan through partners - FDA and USDA certified. we're proud to bring this remarkable plant from its hometown to the US.

Jujume, M2 Ingredients, Lafaza, and Burlap & Barrel are trademarks of their respective owners. These brands are not affiliated with MOYU.

Meet Gillian

MOYU was originally born out of founder Gillian Hu’s personal wellness journey as well as her passion for food innovation. While Konjac was ingrained in her childhood in Yunnan, China, it was later in life, while training as a dancer & athlete, that she discovered the ingredient’s remarkable potential and created her proprietary superfood breakfast and bake mix. 

Adhering to a strict diet during competition seasons, Gillian began experimenting with Konjac to ensure her optimal daily intake, fusing nutrition with culinary creativity. Benefiting from Konjac's natural soluble fiber nature and nearly zero calories, she skillfully incorporated it into her cooking, enabling her to calculate macros effortlessly. This approach ensured she met her daily carb, protein, fat and micronutrient requirements while enjoying expanded culinary possibilities. 

As a native of Yunnan and connected to local farmers, Gillian is dedicated to agriculture and community support. Her upbringing among 25 minority nationalities instilled in her a deep understanding of the significance of sustainable practices and supporting local communities.