Protein Powered

No Added Sugar

Gluten Free

Soluble Fiber

Plant Powered

No Empty Calories

Fluffy, Gluten-Free, and Nutritious

Smart Carbs

We have no added sugars, but a favorable net carb profile, offering a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition.

Konjac, Flourless Fiber

We ditch traditional and common gluten-free flours, relying on the magic of konjac root fiber for fluffy baked goods made without grains.

Thoughtful Fats

We may contain balanced amounts of nourishing fats from egg yolks, nuts, and cocoa butter... for a nutritious indulgence.

the key ingredient

What is Konjac?

Konjac /魔芋 蒟蒻/ also known as glucomannan, and konnyaku in Japan, is a remarkable soluble fiber-rich plant that is also gluten and grain free. We use Konjac to empower our flourless cooking solutions.

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Measure Up: Our Revolution

Eggs + Superfoods + Konjac Fiber

Regular Pound Cake

350-550 kal / 100g

Sugar & Fat-Heavy
Artificial Colors & Flavors
White Flour
Caged Eggs

MOYU Bread Cake

160-220kal / 100g

No Added Sugar
Flavored by Super Foods
No Flours, No Grain Ingredients
Pasture-Raised Eggs

Regular Pound Cake

350-550 kal / 100g

Sugar & Fat


White Flour

Caged Eggs

MOYU Bread Cake

160-220kal / 100g

0 Added Sugar


No Flours


Our Solutions

MOYU vs. Regular Gluten Free Mixes










MOYU vs. Regular Similar Cakes









Compared to the average of multiple nationwide leading brands. Learn more on Our Science.

Gluten Free Protein Mix - Fiber Rich

Our all-purpose mix empowers your everyday cooking with plant-based ingredients, proteins, and fiber, from sweet to savory, snacks to main courses. It also made without top 14 allergen ingredients. 

9g protein, 9g fiber, 0g added sugar per pouch (Patent Pending)

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Pancake: 40g Protein as Prepared

Indulge in our pancake recipe featuring eggs and plant-based options, providing you with a quick morning nutrition boost and balanced sustenance. Vegan version available. less than 3 net carb per 6 inch pancake.

Protein can reach up to 40g by recipe here →

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Brownie: 40g Fiber as Prepared

Experience the goodness of our plant-based brownie recipes, offering various options like legumes, avocado, tofu, and veggie purees for diverse textures and nutritious satisfaction.

Fiber can reach 40g by recipe here →

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Muffin: 45g Protein as Prepared

Discover the joy of our fluffy and sponge recipes, delivering an incredible gluten-free experience with a wide array of veggies, fruits, nuts, and spices to provide you with a satisfying and amazing culinary adventure. low as 3g net carb per muffin.

Protein can reach 45g by recipe here →

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Our Approach Makes Us Unique

Konjac from Yunnan

We source Konjac directly from its native region through partners who are FDA and USDA certified.

Third Party Tested

MOYU mix is routinely subjected to independent laboratory tests to monitor its quality and safety.

18 months R&D

We have been partnering with top wellness brands to ensure our products meet high industry standards.

Made in the USA

Quality ingredients from around the world, products tested and manufactured domestically.

"Super moist and tasty. Probably the best gluten-free bread cakes I've ever had. I was shoving the cacao reishi mushroom one down my throat, it might as well have been chocolate cake."

- Jasmine Pak
Producer at BuzzFeed

"As a gut health specialist, fitness nutritionist and a professional athlete, I am very picky with what I feed my body. I LOVE and highly recommend MOYU, they taste amazing and are high in protein, grain free, no sugar added, much more fiber content..."

- IFBB PRO Natalia Coelho
2022 MS Physique Olympia

"Thank you for your creation! I couldn’t believe I was eating a very healthy dessert that was keto and also gluten-free. No guilt whatsoever! Great flavor and presentation."

- Zoey Gong
TCM food therapist, Registered Dietitian, Co-founder Red Pavilion NYC

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