Made without Top 14 Allergen Ingredients

9g Protein & Fiber

No Added Sugar

Gluten Free

Plant Powered

No Empty Calories

"create your own delicious mooncakes and then brag to the family that you made it yourself."

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"the functional properties of a binding agent to structure protein, carbs,and fats"

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"a superfood-driven breakfast and baking company, entering US with batters, baking mixes"

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"Superfoods and baking are joining forces in many more ways to create a wave of new concepts for consumers to enjoy."

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"Key Developments Taking Place in the Bakery Ingredient Market..MOYU"

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"The konjac is sustainably sourced from its native region of China, Yunnan, where Hu grew up"

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Why Partner with MOYU

Better Margins and Better Ingredients

Blend and Ready in a Snap

Slash prep/cooking time for efficient kitchen operations (cut your labor, overhead costs and more).

Simplified Inventory Control

Effortlessly manage ingredients (sourcing and management) to optimize cost and COGs control.

Infinite Recipe Possibilities

Skip intense recipe and packaging R&D; embrace versatility for multiple dietary restrictions and cuisines.

Space-Saving Dry Mix

Our specially formulated mix minimizes the size of dried ingredients, optimizing storage and enhancing organization

Boost Brand and Sales

Elevate your brand with MOYU’s support and our ability to drive traffic to your business.

Minimize Food Waste

Our precise solutions reduce waste from ingredient portioning errors and finished goods spoilage.

Extend Shelf Life

Benefit from our solutions by testings and process optimization from our labs and consulting teams.

Real-time Market Insights

Leverage DTC data and customer feedback for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Better for Customers
Better for Businesses

We can deliver better food to the world in a better way.
Join us in shaping the future of eating and living!

Today's MOYU Menu

Our Customizable Menu is Updating Constantly :)


High in Protein, Egg-cellent, Fluffy & Moist


High in Protein, Vegan Possible, Fluffy & Moist


High in Protein, Egg-cellent, Fluffy & Moist


Vegan, Protein & Fiber Powered, Indulgent


Vegan, Protein & Fiber Powered, Wholesome


Vegan, Rich in Fiber & B12. Savory & Crunchy

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