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Dongba Tote Bag - Rain 雨

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Double sided designer tote bag with Yunnan Culture elements. 

Languages: Dongba, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Korean, Thai, English (5 of them are used by Yunnan Local ethnic groups)

Care Instructions

keep refrigerated upon arrival

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DongBa Script 納西東巴文

The Dongba 东巴 symbols are a system of pictographic glyphs used by the Naxi 納西 people in Yunnan, China. They were developed in approximately the seventh century.

A symbol or picture is an extension of the world of ideas or, if you prefer, the world of spirit.


  • RAIN 雨

  • DAYTIME 白天

  • NIGHT 夜晚

  • SUN 太陽

  • FIRE 火

  • TREE 樹

  • SKY 天空

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