The ingredients in ourOrange Osmanthus Cake can boost skin, eye, and oral health… and even have anti-aging benefits!

  • Enjoy the Perfect Bite

    Get the nostalgic experience of biting into cake… that light, almost bouncy, gently sweet bite… magically baked without grains or gluten, and naturally sweetened with dates! 

  • Give Yourself a Beautiful Moment

    Savor each moment, and each bite. Treat yourself to organically grown ingredients, natural sweetness, and beautiful flavors.

  • Get That Satisfaction

    That “Mmm that was good” moment when you finish a truly delicious morsel. It’s the opposite of the “ok that’s gone, now what can I eat?” empty feeling. Konjac fiber keeps you feeling satisfied longer… without tasting like, well, fiber.

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Key Ingredients / FAQ

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